Boat-Alert vs. MarineTitle

The main difference between Boat-Alert vs MarineTitle is that Boat-Alert has more data in their report and includes the MarineTitle report as part of their search results. Boat-Alert is a company that scrapes data from 72+ sources from USA and Canada. On the other hand, MarineTitle is not updating their data regularly from the States whereas Boat-Alert updates daily. Read below our chart comparing the services offered by Boat Alert vs. MarineTitle.

Boat-Alert vs. MarineTitle: Services difference has one service to lookup a boat’s history. They have a blog to learn about boating and how to make a free boat hin lookup. For dealers and bailiffs, they have owner lookup subscription services as well. hasa large website with many handy booklets and HIN Search tools (outdated but free). They also have free information about each state and USCG documentation in the form of pages (not a blog).


We have a few charts and infographics you can read comparing the boat history companies and comparing the boat title abstract brokers.