Comparison Chart: Boat-Alert vs. BoatFax vs. Boathistoryreport

The main difference between Boat-Alert vs Boatfax vs BoatRistoryReport is that each one will gather different sets of databases. Boat-Alert is a company that scrapes data from 72+ sources from USA and Canada. On the other hand, Boat History Report is an LLC in Florida that buys data in bulk from the States while Boatfax focuses on the UK. Read below our chart comparing the three vs. BoatFax vs. Boat-history-report.

Boat Hull Check website reviews chart showing each report and its contents and advantages

update: view our infographic here comparing Boat-Alert vs. BoatHistoryReport vs. Boatfax

Boat-Alert vs. BoatFax vs. Boathistoryreport: the difference


Small company selling boat HIN lookup services for USA and Canada. Best Price.


Small company selling boat value and boatfax reports in UK. Good Price.

Boat History Report

Small LLC industry leader in boat history checks. Highest Price.

Boat-Alert vs. BoatFax vs. Boat history report: OUR RECCOMENDATION

If your budget allows for it, make sure to order all three reports for your used boat’s HIN. This will ensure that no data source is missed that would have been missed if you ordered only from one of these companies.
Summary Section Yes Yes
Boat Serial Number Yes Yes
Accidents/Crashes Yes Yes Yes
Accident location (Map) Yes Yes
Theft Check USA Yes Yes
Theft Check Canada Yes
International Theft Check Some Yes
Salvage or Total Loss or Flood Yes
Hurricane Damage Yes
Salvage Auctions + eBay Auctions Some
USCG Doc number cross reference Yes Yes Yes
USCG Doc details Yes Yes
USCG Doc Historical changes over time Yes
USCG Abstract Of Title extra report available
Data from ALL States claimed but little data shown
Data from SOME States Yes Yes
NMVTIS Federal DMV check (45 States) Yes
Competitor data included (double report) Yes
Marine Liens Some private databases Yes
US Customs and IRS Seizures “Some incidents” “coming soon”
Generic Warranty info Some manufacturers Some manufacturers
Model Name (not just model year) some boats
Boat Names (if documented) Yes
Boat Owner Name yes, If USCG Doc.
Recall data Yes Yes Yes
HIN Decoder + HIN Verification Basic Detailed Basic
Boat Valuation Yes Yes
last reported location approximate
Pollution Incidents (might lead to environmental liens) Yes
Manufacturer data Basic Detailed Detailed
Certified Marine Surveyors “coming soon”
Canada Registration Yes
Pretty Report Graphical Average Average
Email Tips and Tricks Yes
Refund Process 90 days; if you complete request/steps 60 days; easily via ClickBank
Coupons available Yes
Price for one Report 39.99 19.99 28 (for smartsearch)
Price for mutiple reports 5 or $54.99 10 for $39.99

Not included in any report:

  • maintenance records
  • owner names from states that ban this
  • Certified Marine Surveyors
  • engine info
  • length of boat
  • Warranty Claims or Insurance Claims
  • Environmental lien
  • equipment check and motor VIN number

How is Boat-Alert different from Boat history Report?

Differences Between Boat-Alert and BoatHistoryReport:

  • Number of sources
  • categories of sources
  • price points

Boat-Alert is a HIN search company with a free HIN Decoder whereas Boatfax is more geared towards valuation of a boat. On the other hand, BoatHistoryReport is an industry leader with partnerships in many areas.