What I discovered when I ran a Boat-Alert

Read about my interesting findings about my boat when I ran a boat-alert boat history check using my hull ID.

Boat Alert is a newer company but the price is lower for consumers. So I decided to try it out and quickly found that they saved me so much time on the boat HIN title search. They checked 22+ databases and websites in one shot. That was a fast hin number search. I didn’t have to search each website individually for negative boat events and boat registration data. It is easy to use and offers one product at two price points per boat history report. The boat-alert came with an instant download of the boat history alert boatfax. The boat hull search report is printable and provided lots of advice as well.

It is worth the time to read the content of your report. boat hull number check payments are made via Clickbank and PayPal so you are guaranteed a 60-day money back purchase.They do offer coupons that you can use to obtain the other reports at a discounted rate so I would suggest starting with the Boat-Alert then buying more reports if you need to. There is also a link to the report that you can use to share the report with buyers/sellers online to verify boat ownership and boat history.

My verdict: Looking at the comparison chart uploaded on this blog, you can see that Boat-Alert.com has the most amount of data types and checks available and for the lowest price without add-ons. The site improved a lot since my last review in 2016. The report itself is not as pretty as the others but the most useful.

ps. be sure to read my comparison article here