Comparison Table of 4 Boat Abstracting Companies

This is a list for Boat Abstracts. For a list of Boat History company comparisons click here

User FriendlyBelow average. Not attractive Colourful and attractive. All pages well listed out and easy to navigate. Top Notch!Simple. 2 colors used. Quite appealing and navigation isn’t difficult but slowCan be tagged as simple and classic. Excellent!
Authenticitylooks amatureAbsolutely Genuinelooks amatureGenuine and Convincing
Errors on PageNoneNoneNoneNone
Price of one report79 USD75 USD75 USD50 USD
Best PriceNoNoNoYes
Website to ChooseNoYesNoYes
Report SampleNone AvailableNone AvailableNone AvailableAvailable
Payment MethodCredit CardCredit CardCredit Card & PayPalCredit Card & PayPal
Website Loading RateFastFastSlowFastest
Contact InfoAddress, FAX, Email & Phone NoEmail, FAX, Phone No, Live chatLive chat, Email, Phone NoEmail
Written ContentsSimple but not aetheticly pleasingWell written content but too busyLess content but easier to readLess content but easier to read
Other Services providedYesYesYesNo, Focused on Abstracts Only

For a detailed review, please see my article here comparing the top 4 boat title abstracting companies.


            The website has the most investment in looks and services available but if you only need an abstract of title, then you can save $25-$30 and use instead. The other two sites reviewed come in third and fourth place in my opinion.