What is Boat-Alert.com? Is it Legit?

Are you looking for a reputable, accessible, and affordable tool to perform a HIN lookup or search a boat history? If so, there is a good chance you came across Boat-Alert.com and are now wondering if the site is legit. With over 20,000 customers and 99% satisfaction rate, the short answer is yes.

In this article, we do a comprehensive breakdown of Boat-Alert.com, its features, services, benefits, and whether or not you should use it. We also included reviews from the general public, so you know what others say about this website.

Reasons to Lookup a HIN to find out the History of a boat

What is a HIN Lookup?

A HIN lookup can signify two different things. The first one involves confirming the Hull Identification Number (HIN) on the boat through an online tool to ensure it’s valid and error-free. The second one involves using the HIN to conduct a comprehensive background check.

Why is a HIN Lookup Important?

A HIN lookup is important since it provides an in-depth insight into a boat’s history and can help you uncover information about its past. This includes details about whether the boat has any maritime liens and if it was involved in any accidents, theft, collisions, pollution incidents, or factory recalls.

Reasons to do a Boat HIN and History Lookup 

You may want to look up a boat’s HIN or history for many reasons. The primary one is before buying a used boat, which involves a huge investment, several legal complexities, time, and effort. If you jump into this financial decision without thoroughly researching the boat and its owner, you could invite a lot of legal trouble and unnecessary stress. A HIN lookup and boat history may reveal certain key elements of a vessel’s ownership history that negatively impact its market value or title status, thus saving you a lifetime of regret.

Other than that, you may have found an abandoned boat on your property and are trying to contact its owner. Or perhaps you are trying to learn more about a boat that your grandfather left. In both circumstances, you will need to do a HIN and/or boat history search to get the desired information.

What is Boat-Alert.com?

Boat-Alert is a search service company that allows users to discover important information about a vessel, including its HIN and history. In simpler words, it’s like Carfax for boats and a very important tool for boat investors and aficionados. 

How can Boat-Alert.com Help?

Boat-Alert.com offers a comprehensive solution for all your boat history and HIN lookup needs. It instantly brings you the required information and helps you start your boat ownership journey with complete peace of mind. Instead of searching private and public databases and contacting each DMV manually (could take weeks), Boat-Alert does all the work for you so you just have to click and see the results of the search!

Can you use Carfax.com for boats? | Is there a “boat fax” like Carfax?

No, you cannot feed a hull number into Carfax’s search bar, and the website doesn’t work for boats. Alternatively, Boat-Alert.com acts like Carfax but for boats. It combines 90+ nationwide databases into a single place so you can save time looking up a boat’s history and consequently make a well-informed investment decision. Simply enter the boat’s HIN in the website’s search bar to access the boat’s basic registration details.

What Service Does Boat-Alert Provide?

Boat-Alert is a HIN and boat history look-up service that provides you access to the boat’s basic registration information as well as its detailed report, including its name, value, any lien information, pollution incidents, factory recalls, theft, auction data, and accidents.

Is boat-alert.com legit? | Reviews of BoatAlert online

Boat-Alert.com is a reliable and legitimate website that you can use to perform a HIN lookup or search a boat’s history. The payment platforms are fully encrypted, and no personal details are saved while completing a transaction. The website functions automatically, meaning you will have access to the report within minutes after you make the payment and sign in.

However, since the website is working well, it may be a little difficult to find any negative reviews online. Check out what people are saying about Boat-Alert.com. We searched for “is boat alert.com a scam” and did not find any negative mentions.

The reports that Boat Alert provides are very detailed and cover 90 different free and paid databases. Each report contains information, such as manufacturer validation, accidents check, whether or not it’s stolen, and if it has any existing liens on the title. You can buy reports at only $20 each or get a bundle package at $39.99.”

What’s included in Boat-Alert’s Vessel History Search?

  • Accidents and pollution incidents check the USA
  • Theft check USA and International
  • Boat recalls
  • Salvage and total loss USA
  • Auctioned boats check
  • NMVTIS Check and 9000 plus insurance companies
  • Manufacturer data validation
  • Misappropriation or abandonment of boat check
  • Insurance companies Branded Titles
  • Model name and year/month of manufacture
  • Personalized customer support through email
  • HIN check
  • USA registration, if applicable
  • Lien databases
  • Full HIN decoding
  • Boat value calculation
  • Previous boat names
  • Cross-check Official Numbers
  • USA Documentation Numbers
  • Canadian Federal Registration
  • PCL Canada (provincial)
  • Canadian theft database check
  • Claims and state-issued hull numbers
  • Printable PDF report

Why Choose Boat-Alert.com for Boat HIN Lookup Reports?

Boat-Alert.com is a tool that gives you a chance to begin your journey as a new boat owner with a clean slate. Several factors can potentially create issues for you in the future if you don’t do a HIN lookup report, and this can prove to be very expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating.

The website helps you protect your investment while avoiding legal issues and unnecessary stress from boat scams. When you use Boat-Alert.com, you can expect the following benefits.

Detailed Report

A boat history and background check should cover numerous areas related to its past ownership. Boat-Alert collects data from over 90 private and public (state and federal) databases to validate your HIN and prepares a history report summary of 9 pages. The best part? You can access the detailed report in minutes and with a few clicks.

Covers most Categories

By covering more than 90 databases, DMVs, and DNRs, Boat-Alert.com brings you results that cover a range of categories, such as HIN check, accidents check, auctioned boats check, pollution incidents, abandoned and misappropriated vessel check, theft check (USA and International), and manufacturer data validation check amongst others. This makes the HIN report more comprehensive and well-rounded.

Accurate boat HIN Lookup

Accuracy is crucial when dealing with sensitive data. Boat-Alert uncovers all the boat fax indicators and information without hiding anything. However, due to State’s privacy laws, there is no guarantee which details will be found.

Longest Money Back Guarantee

Boat-Alert offers a 60-day money-back guarantee with easy refunds compared to others in the market. That means you have two months to decide whether you are satisfied with the service.


Boat-Alert uses reliable electronic payment platforms like Paypal, Clickbank, and ConvergePay so that you can experience a secure and user-friendly experience. All personal details are safely encrypted, thereby eliminating the possibility of a privacy breach.


If you’re tired of seeing huge price tags for boat HIN look up reports online, your search ends here. Boat-Alert.com offers packages at the lowest price and the best value. You can get a detailed boat history report for only $19.99 and carry out 10 boat searches for a total of $39.99. Moreover, your credits will stay intact and not expire.

Dedicated to a Good Cause

When you do a transaction with Boat-Alert.com, you also indirectly help the community. 2% of all sale proceeds of the company are given to charity, so you can rest assured that you’ll benefit both yourself and others in need.

Is the Boat-Alert history report worth it? | Best boat history report

A Boat-Alert history report is worth it since it is detailed, affordable, and reliable. It brings you crucial boat information regarding its owner, accidents, and liens within minutes and organizes it in a manner that is easy to understand. Performing a HIN search is fairly simple, with no complicated instructions, and the price is simply unbeatable.

Given its features like security, money-back guarantee, and covering most categories, a Boat-Alert history report is one of the best you can find in the market today.

What does a Hull Identification Number tell you?

A Hull Identification Number is a 12-digit series of numbers and letters that tells you important aspects of a boat, such as its manufacturer, the date of manufacture, the country where it was built, and its serial number. Generally, the HIN is permanently affixed to the boat’s hull and can be found on documents like the boat title and bill of sale.

  • The first 3 characters tell the Manufacturing Identification Code(MIC) and should only contain letters.
  • The next 5 characters tell the manufacturer-assigned serial number
  • The last 4 characters tell the model year or the certification month and year of the boat. 

You can get a free HIN report (also known as HIN decoding) at hindecoder.com. The Hull ID number will tell you the year and make of the vessel, but there is no free boat history report. If you want to dive deeper into the historical background of a boat, you can order a boat history report on Boat-Alert.com.

Conclusion | “carfax for boats”

In this article, we answered “What is Boat-Alert.com” in detail. We also discussed its services, features, cost, and whether or not it’s legit.