What I discovered when I ran a Boat History Report

My shocking experience when I ran a Boat History Report for my yacht.

Going through this boat history site to run a boat title registration search, it seems simple and easy to use. I just entered the hin hull identification number into the hull check box. The ordering process involves giving your credit card and email to them instead of using a secure gateway like PayPal. (less secure and refunds much harder!!!). This is in stark contrast to the other companies I reviewed here.

When it comes to prices it is the highest priced report out there and this is expected given the fact that it is a company with many employees and larger overheads that get passed to the consumer for the same data you can get with other smaller sized companies.

This company (B. H. R) has many partnerships for boat history search within the boating industry and their reports indicate that “coming soon” data for surveyors has been approved by N. A. M. S and S. A. M. S list of surveyors. boat title searches shows many negative comments on this company in online forums. Here are two examples where the employees try to defend the company: https://www.thehulltruth.com/boating-forum/283209-boat-history-reports-worth.html and http://www.cruisersforum.com/forums/f47/boat-history-reports-worth-it-and-reliable-92693.html

There has been a very heavy criticism from the BoatU.S. Consumer Protection Bureau here: http://my.boatus.com/consumer/historyhollow.asp

There are other great boat registration and boat title search websites that we compared on this review site.

My verdict: This is a good site to check for boat hin number search/problems and is the leader but for the same amount of money you can get both reports from the competitors (boatfax and boatalert). Ideally, you would get all three reports to make sure no one missed anything in the boat title search (if you can afford it).