What I discovered when I ran a BoatFax

Find out what I ran into when I searched my HullID on boatfax

I set out to do a boat title search from this company based in the UK. This site has diverse offerings including dealer classifies, boat history search, used boats apps, HIN Decoding app, and boat value app. This made navigating the site a little hard at first but i know i needed to lookup the boat registration.

First, I got my boat-HIN (hull identification number) because i wanted to run a hull check using boatfax. The base prices comes with a lot of add-ons costing $3, $5 and $6 more but there are coupons available out there. Payment can be done via PayPal or credit card making it more secure than BoatHistoryReport.com. The report is not as pretty though.

A distinctive feature is that, boatfax.com can be used to search outside U.S.A (Europe inclusive) however; such searches cost particular add-ons too. boat ownership was not provided and i didn’t expect these companies to have owner names from the Hull ID boat hull number check.

My verdict: The site should be less cluttered and modernized but the reports are good on a technical level and if you can find some coupons that would cut the cost of buying a boat history report.

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