A Guide to Contacting MarineTitle Customer Support

MarineTitle.com Customer Support – How to Contact MarineTitle / Maritime Partners

There is no doubt, that many boat owners and enthusiasts find it very hard to reach or contact a real person at MarineTitle.com after purchasing their boatscope report. This is so, because of the limited information available to contact any individuals or support teams at this company.

As you may have heard, information is power. Without information or knowledge regarding a given subject like how to contact MarineTitle customer support would be a difficult task. Nevertheless, we are here to help you contact them!

In this blog post, we shall unveil the best way to contact MarineTitle Support, what MarineTitle.com is about, the MarineTitle.com refund process, and the available options you have to reach out to MarineTitle.com without hassle. They are a Division of Maritime Partners, LLC.

What is MarineTitle.com?

MARINETITLE.com is owned by MARITIME PARTNERS LLC. Their website offers lots of content about boat data research including handbooks and article guides.

MarineTitle.com is one of the nation’s largest Title search and boat history collection websites. We have reviewed them on here and compared to there companies here. You can use them to search the HIN of a boat or its USCG Number.

MarineTitle.com serves both boat buyers and sellers with necessary information during the process of transacting boat sales. The MarineTitle.com website domain was registered in 1999 and is hosted in Arizona. This explains the old look of the website design. This website is responsible for supplying required information regarding a given boat, starting from a ski-boats to mega-yachts

They have a large database of boat history that they draw from different maritime data sources.

MarineTitle Support Contact Number – call MARINETITLE.COM phone number

As stated earlier, the best way to reach a real person at the MarineTitle website is through email. The reason is that the single phone number listed on their web page 206-286-8994 seems difficult to respond to. Once you reach out via mail, you should get a response that can resolve your issues.

Refunds Contact Info for the MarineTitle.Com

Unlike some boat history websites that open up their refund contact center. Here, there is limited information about refunds on MarineTitle.com. If you are an existing customer that needs a refund, the best way to go about it, is to contact their customer support through the mail ( Email: mtc@marinetitle.com, Internet: www.marinetitle.com ) and ask for a refund. You can also use the contact form on their web page to reach out to them. Finally, contact your bank to ask for a refund on your credit card.

What Are My Options to contact MarineTitle Fast?

You may think that you can contact MarineTitle Customer Support through many channels but it turns out those are not all available:

  • Phone: 1.480-624-2599 or 206-286-8994
  • Email: mtc@marinetitle.com or email@vesseltitlesservices.com
  • live chat: not provided
  • Mailing address below
  • Fax: not found
  • Social media: There is no social media presence for MarineTitle.com

The best and easy way to reach out to MarineTitle Customer Support is through the official- Email: mtc@marinetitle.com, Internet: www.marinetitle.com. The contact us form on their website is another easy and fast way to communicate with MarineTitle Customer Support.

Here Are The Times That MarineTitle Is Available By Day On The Phone:

This information is not listed on their web page. The best way to reach out to MarineTitle.com is to utilize the Contact Us form on their website at www.marinetitle.com.

Monday to Sunday9am to 5pm
Assumed contact hours for Marine-Title customer service

Their website does not list any available times.

How do I contact MARINETITLE support via Email?

You can either use email or the web page to reach out to MarineTitle Customer Support. The two options are through this email Id; mtc@marinetitle.com or through the site Contact Us Form.

Why Is It So Difficult To Contact Marine Title Support?

As you can see from the about information that this company does not make it easy to get customer service. It also brings into question how much their data is being updated since the website still has an old design. It is best to use their site contact form or email than calling the phone that may not be active any more. The problem with phoning the number above is that there are limited hours (unofficial) that the phones are manned so there may not be a convenient time for you to call. Their website does not list any available times.

What is the Web Address for MarineTitle?

The primary web address for the MarineTitle is  www.marinetitle.com. There is one other other web page that they own (see below).

Can I contact MarineTitle Through Social Media?

After doing a thorough search, we concluded that there is no social media account associated with this MarineTitle.com so you won’t be able to use facebook to contact them for example.

Mailing Addresses for the MARINETITLE

Here is the registered mailing address of the parent company: 785 MONTANA VISTA DR, PALM DESERT, CA, 92211-1771, UNITED STATES.

You can also use it as the mailing address for MarineTitle. However, their other website lists this address:

19019 International Blvd, #280 Seattle

Reasons to Contact MarineTitle customer Support

The importance of boat history check to boat buyers and sellers cannot be overemphasized. It is vital to reach out to a real person at MarineTitle.com due to the relevant boat history search results, and registration that they offer to customers.

Below are some reasons to contact MarineTitle Customer Support;


One primary reason why you should contact MarineTitle.com Customer Support is to know the process that is required to be a registered member. By Contacting Customer Support, you know the right step to follow in becoming a registered member.


Another reason to reach out to MarineTitle.com Support is to know about the best way you can renew your subscription. As you already know, information is limited on their website. You must reach out to the customer.

For Refund

Since there is nowhere on the website where the refund policy is written. It is vital to contact their customer support about their refund policy before subscribing to their page.

Ask a Question

You can also contact customer support if you have any questions about MarineTitle.com.

MARINETITLE.COM Contact Number & MARINETITLE Contact Email

Use this email to reach out; mtc@marinetitle.com or for their other website use email@vesseltitlesservices.com

Does MarineTitle have a mobile app?

The answer is capital NO. There is no mobile app. All boat history searches are done on the web page tool they have called Boatscope.

Does MarineTitle.Com Have an Online help Center? – Support Through the Website

You get support through the web page. All you need to do- is to scroll down on the web page, and click on Contact Us, here a form will pop up, just like the image below:

How To Report An Issue To Marinetitle.com Reports:

Marinetitle.com contact form
Marinetitle.com contact form

The above image shows you how you can report an issue on the MarineTitle official site.

Directors and Staff you Can Contact at MarineTitle Company

The only contact name we know if is GERALD (gerry) BAKER, who is the Principal Executive Officer at MarineTitle.com. His email address is the same one listed above for the company

Other websites owned by MarineTitle

  • MarineTitle.com
  • vesseltitleservices.com

How to give feedback to the MARINETITLE

In order to give feedback to Marinetitle.com use this contact form https://www.marinetitle.com/dialogs/contact.aspx


We have covered the different methods to contact Marine Title customer service and the lack of options to reach them. If you need to look for alternative boat history and HIN lookup sites, check out our comparison chart.