Best tips for buying a used boat

Table of Contents How to Search for a Boat’s History Finding the right information Searching the HIN Ordering a history report How to Search for a Title for a Boat Checking Boat Title Checking Title of Documented Vessel Checking Title of Undocumented Vessel Other Elements of a Pre-Purchase Title Search How Do I Verify There … Read more

The process of getting a boat and checking its HIN

Table of ContentsHow to Search for a Boat’s HistoryFinding the right informationSearching the HINOrdering a history reportHow to Search for a Title for a BoatChecking Boat TitleChecking Title of Documented VesselChecking Title of Undocumented VesselOther Elements of a Pre-Purchase Title SearchHow Do I Verify There Are No Liens on a Boat I Want to Buy?Understanding … Read more

All you need to know about used boat buying and history reports

Table of ContentsIntroductionA. Where to begin with?What to look for?Where to search for HIN?How to get a History Report?B. Searching a Title for the BoatHow to check the Boat Title?How to check the Title of Documented Boats?How to check the Title of an Undocumented Boat?C. What are the Boat Liens?How to check for the Liens … Read more

Beware the Maritime Documentation Scam Letter

Beware the Maritime Documentation Scam Letter There is a kind of scam going around for quite some time. Some companies or we should say scammers are running services of providing renewal of USCG Vessel Documentation. Pretending to be working on behalf of the U.S. Coast Guard, they are charging triple the official fee of renewal. … Read more

Comparison Table of 4 Boat Abstracting Companies

This is a list for Boat Abstracts. For a list of Boat History company comparisons click here User Friendly Below average. Not attractive  Colourful and attractive. All pages well listed out and easy to navigate. Top Notch! Simple. 2 colors used. Quite appealing and navigation isn’t difficult but slow Can … Read more

Review of top 4 Boat-Abstract Service Providers

Today, I decided to review of four different websites that provide Boat Abstract services. Recall, Boat Abstracts are a report on a boat’s ownership and history from the United States Coast Guard. Beginners can read more about it HERE. The Coast Guard Abstract of Title is a record of all the documents submitted to the … Read more