What I discovered when I ran a Boat History Report

My shocking experience when I ran a Boat History Report for my yacht. Going through this boat history site to run a boat title registration search, it seems simple and easy to use. I just entered the hin hull identification number into the hull check box. The ordering process involves giving your credit card and … Read more

What I discovered when I ran a Boat-Alert

Read about my interesting findings about my boat when I ran a boat-alert boat history check using my hull ID. Boat Alert is a newer company but the price is lower for consumers. So I decided to try it out and quickly found that they saved me so much time on the boat HIN title … Read more

Chart Comparing the Top 3 Boat History Website Services

For a pretty version of this table, please visit my other page Comparing the HIN Search Companies:

chart comparison review of boat history and boat alert

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Reviews of the different boat reporting websites

I will start by saying that although such a report is not a replacement for a complete and thorough survey on the vessel’s present condition it does provide an easy method of checking for negative events in a boat’s history before finalizing the purchase. It is also a good selling tool when promoting your boat online. Many … Read more

Where can I report a stolen boat or file a lien?

Here are some resources to help you make a lien claim or report a theft of a boat. It is important to do so as it deters the movement of the boat among criminals. For starters, you can post a boat lien here https://boat-alert.com/post-a-claim-of-lien-on-a-boat/ and here https://marineliens.com/ and report a stolen boat here https://boat-alert.com/report-stolen-boat/ TIPS … Read more